“Vision that works” (Dom Bird)

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8 principles from 1 Samuel 13-14


1.  Don’t allow resources or lack of them to determine what God can achieve through you or your ministry.  Faith and activity often attracts resources.  [1 Sam 13:5 & 16-22]


2.  Strategy is vitally important but is no replacement for Spirit.  Programs are extremely helpful and can be effective but should not replace our need for (God’s) presence.  [1 Sam 14]


3.  Don’t seek affirmation and encouragement from people who operate with less faith than you.  [1 Sam 14:1b]


4.  Begin to accommodate the ‘perhaps’ philosophy in evangelism.  Vision & desire never guarantees an outcome.    Failure is an option here.  [1 Sam 14:6b]


5.  Don’t avoid conflict for the sake of comfort.  We must be seen by the enemy.  [1 Sam 14:2 & 11


6.  Togetherness is a non negotiable necessity in our teams.  A divided house cannot stand.

Thomas Paine ‘It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength lies.’  [1 Sam 14:7]


7.  Faith is the currency of heaven.  Our vision and dreams must require faith otherwise God is no longer needed.   [1 Sam 14:13]


8.  Small steps from us can provoke big steps from God.  Responsibility before revival.  ‘We deal in the 10’s, God deals in the 1000’s.’  [1 Sam 14:14-15]

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