Towards Housegroups

“Towards Housegroup”

 Now that the month of prayer is behind us we are ready to move into a new season of church life. 

 The plan is to break the church down into small groups for local church life to flourish.  In order to prepare ourselves for this we will meet together as a whole church  on Tuesday evenings at Lagland Street from 8.00pm to 9.30pm.  These meetings will be called “Towards Housegroup”.   

 During these times together we will be exploring together the workings of small groups within the local church with a view to moving into a new structure of church life at the end of the series.  These evenings will be informal, informative and fun! 

 The dates of the meetings will be as follows:

                                                            9th February


                                                         23rd February 


                                                            9th March


                                                         23rd March


(alternate Tuesdays we will meet for prayer) 


This series is for everyone connected with the church whether members or not.  We hope everyone will be there.

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