The Future Belongs to Jesus (John MacDiarmid)

The Future belongs to Jesus – and His Church!

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It can be easy for Christians to develop a siege mentality. It can seem that the forces arrayed against Jesus and his Church are so powerful, so wide ranging and so intimidating that the best we can hope for is to baton down the hatches, hope for the best and wait for the Lord to return.

The word of God is both realistic about the depth of the problem, and glorious about the certainty of the future. Psalm 2 covers the ground for us.

1. The Conspiracy against God (v 1-3)

Conspiracy theories always get good publicity. “Who shot JFK?” “Is Elvis still alive?” “Did the Americans really land on the moon?”

In fact the real conspiracy is against God and against His people (v.1) It may be a politically correct establishment telling us that all faiths are equal. Or the Scientific establishment trying to con us into believing that Science has disproved God (“nothing turned into something for no reason with no designer and comes up by chance with the most intricate system of design ever seen which we haven’t started to understand yet” – how scientific is that?). Or the media bombarding us with propaganda about sexual freedom – a “freedom” that has led to more heartbreak than world wars.

In all cases the agenda is the same: “let us break off their chains…and throw off their fetters”. It is all a thinly disguised conspiracy to break away from the authority of God.

This is sobering stuff. You and I may be worried- but what does God think?

2. The Response from Heaven (v 4-5)

Psalm 2 tells us that the “one enthroned in heaven laughs”!

The pitiful attempts to rob God of his authority are destined for failure and are exposed for what they are. Then God rebukes them and terrifies them. In the heart of everyone who conspires against is a core of dread that it just may be true after all. God laughs, scoffs, rebukes and terrifies. It is a dangerous game to plot against God.

The situation may look difficult, but God is not worried because he has a solution.

3. The Solution for Eternity (v 6)

God has an answer to it all. He has “installed” his King – Jesus- on Zion. Just as King David, when he wrote this Psalm, was installed in Jerusalem as God’s King to defeat God’s enemies, so today Jesus has been installed as God’s King for eternity on Mount Zion, the new Jerusalem – God’s Church. God’s answer to the universal war against himself is King Jesus, ruling and reigning with his Church. God’s church – what a thing to be a part of!

4 The Promise of Victory (v 7-9)

All of God’s enemies will be defeated. Anyone who stands against God’s purposes and presence will bow the knee to King Jesus and he will rule and reign for eternity. With the promise of a future like this – it is a foolish man or woman who would dare to plot against God.

5. The Opportunity to choose the winning side (v 10-12)

For those who have plotted against God and rejected his rule there still remains the chance to turn to him. “Serve the Lord with fear.. and rejoice with trembling”! We live in days of grace when God has suspended his judgement. And just as those of us who love Jesus today once had our hearts won by irresistible grace, so we need to pray that the same grace will win the hearts of the Kings of the earth – the movers and shaker- who still conspire against God. Those who are in government, in education, in the media and everywhere else

And for those of us who believe, we can “take refuge in Him”. There are battles to be fought and enemies to be overcome. But Jesus is enthroned as King. The future belongs to Him and to those who belong to Him.

John MacDiarmid
April 2012

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