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One of the keys things about me is how much I love superhero films, I cannot tell you how excited I am for the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the followed up by Captain America: Civil war then after that the Avengers Infinity wars part one and two, next year there is a total of 8 superhero films being released, including batman vs superman the dawn of Justice

I think you’re getting the picture of how much I love superheroes. But I don’t think it’s just confined to me, mainly because these films absolutely sell out at and always make the most money on the box office.

Superheroes are awesome, and I just don’t want to confine it to comic book superheroes, nearly every story has hero in it. And some point in the story they come to some great realisation and save the day.

There is something inside us all that looks for a hero, we know deep down that we need saving from something and we won’t be able to do it on our own.

I want to tell you now that this feeling that part of your brain which gets you excited about heroes is because somewhere deep inside you are looking for the ultimate superhero.

And I want to tell you now that hero is Jesus.

Jesus is the ultimate superhero. Think about it

He drives out evils spirits

He healed 1000’s of people including a man with skin disease, a man who couldn’t walk, a man who couldn’t hear or speak and a blind man

He calmed a storm with by just saying “quite, be still” like telling off a child.

Demons are scared of him

He brought a girl back to life

He fed 5000 people all in one go then did it to 4000 people … just because he can

He walks on water

He can change his appearance

These are just ones found in the gospel of Mark and even then we are told there were so many other things Jesus did, all in 3 years

Jesus is Mega, is the called God’s son because he is God and he certainly has the power of God.

And when we get to Easter week which is what we just went through he starts the week with everyone absolutely loving it, palm leaves cheering saying he was coming to save them from the romans who were currently ruling over them. Brilliant.

But as the week goes on Jesus starts upsetting the local Pharisee’s and teachers of the law, and they are frightened by his claims – saying he will destroy their temple and build a new on in 3 days. And when questioned later if he was the son of God, he answered yes. Which sounds crazy now back then saying that would get you killed

This led Jesus to be arrested, mocked and beaten and nailed to a cross where he died.

Man this superhero sucks, there’s no great realisations and he dies at the end

But in Fact his death and resurrection makes him the ultimate superhero.

The Ultimate Superhero Smashes Sin

Mark 15 vs 33 – 47

Here is when Jesus became the greatest hero of them all.

Vs 33 Jesus shouts “my God My God why have you forsaken me?” until this point in Jesus’ life, which as he is God the son, has been forever, he has been in perfect relationship with his father, completely in sync.

But at this moment he is ripped away from his father, but why? Not because he was dying but he was taking the sin of the entire world from all time, at once.  Mind blown here guys

How do we know this?

Firstly Darkness came over the land, throughout the bible Darkness was a symbol God has used to show his judgement and unlike an eclipse which according to some research the longest has ever been 7minutes and 29 seconds, this was 3 hours – this was no natural occurrence this was God pouring out his perfect judgement of the Sin of the world onto his son in our place

Then people around him either new something was up but more likely were continuing to mock him when they offering that drink.

Then we are told Jesus breathed his last, and when that happened things got real!

We are told a curtain got torn! Wow

Wait second this was no ordinary curtain, this was a giant thicker than a wall curtain that was located in the temple. It was there showing the separation of the presence of God with mankind. God on one side us on the other. This curtain getting in torn in two at the moment of Jesus’ death was God showing us that the punishment of Sin had been paid. That the sin that separates us from him has been crushed with the payment of Jesus on the cross.

And we know he certainly dies because from vs 40 – 47 we have got enough information there to back that up

Jesus is the ultimate superhero who smashes sin

I’ll need some volunteers to help us understand it.

But that’s not all he goes on

The Ultimate Superhero Crushes Death

Mark 16 vs 1 – 8

Jesus didn’t just smash sin, he crushed death.

Can you imagine these girls going to the tomb a few days after Jesus’ death, how sad they would have been, these girls had been round Jesus and has witnessed a lot of things I spoke of earlier? To them he was it, he was the guy, and he was God’s son the messiah.

But now going to a tomb with expensive herbs and spices to preserve their dead hero and friend. Their main concern being who they would get to roll away this massive great stone which guarded against grave robbers and animals.  Probably the final act they would do in saying goodbye to him.

What they came to when they got there would have in no way been on there mind.  When they got there the large stone had been rolled away. They’re probably thinking the worse, grave robbers had taken the body or something horrible. So they have gone from feeling sad to feeling horrified!

Maybe they went to the wrong tomb, but they knew they hadn’t as they had witnessed Jesus being taken to that exact place.

So then they went in there, and they saw this man dressed in white, no one wore the type of white this guy was wearing, white is a way of describing to us that this was a heavenly being.

So rightly the ladies were fairly alarmed –seems like a very British response, again this is an underestimentation of their emotions, other translations say afraid! Too right they were afraid, nearly every time you here about an encounter with and angel in the bible, they always have to calm the person down, with a phrase like ‘Don’t be afraid’ which I can only make them more afraid.

And this being, tells them this news that Jesus had risen from the dead.

So the girls had gone from sad to horrified to afraid and now to this full of joy – what a rollercoaster

Jesus had risen from the dead, Jesus died were he smashed sin and made it so death was defeated, he absolutely crushed it.

Crushing death, was firstly a sign that he had smashed sin

Crushing death, also shows us that anyone who puts his trust in Jesus will never truly die, your body with die but what makes you, you will live fully with him.

And these girls realise this, and we are told are bewildered and trembling – let’s face it on the first couple of emotions alone you could understand why they would be like that, now faced with this wonderful, joyous, amazing, super news…

…they completely disregard the instruction of the angel and don’t tell anyone.

But we know it wasn’t just them who heard about Jesus. In other gospels the disciples actually meet Jesus and over the course of 40 days he saw, spoke and ate with hundreds of people.

It did actually happen, Jesus rose from the dead, and however unbelievable it sounds the evidence cannot be questioned.

Where that leaves us with is a choice

Jesus says this – way before he went to the cross

34 Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. 35 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it.

Our choice is this:

Do we accept this free gift of smashing us from our sin and crushing death by Jesus and choose to follow him, which means far more than just saying I believe but giving your whole life to him.


Ignoring it, hoping it goes away and living your own way. Which Jesus replies to will only lead you to lose it be controlled by your sin.

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