Small Groups

    The current round of small groups came to an end in July 2017.

There is a team working on the implementation of an exciting new concept in small groups. This will be launched in January 2018.

In the meantime, PCF meets as an entire church for a series called: “Pudding,Praise and…” every Thursday evening starting 7th September from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Come along for the opportunity to praise our great God, to hear some thought-provoking teaching with practical application, and enjoy home-made desserts!

The program will be:

7 September – Pudding, Praise and…. Guidance
How do I know what God wants me to do?

14 September – Church Partners Meeting
For only the partners, and all the partners

21 September – Pudding, Praise and….the Promised Holy Spirit
What has God promised us?

28 September – Pudding, Praise and….Tongues
What is speaking in tongues? Is it for me?

5 October – Pudding Praise and….Prophecy
How Can we hear and speak words from God?

12 October – Pudding, Praise and…Healing
What can God do for our physical and mental health?

19 October – Pudding, Praise and…the Dove
Let’s enjoy the unhindered presence of God’s gift

26 October – Pudding Praise and…the Fire
Let’s ask God to send his fire!

2 November – Pudding Praise and…the gospel
What is the message of salvation that we believe?

9 November – Pudding Praise and…telling the gospel
How can I share the amazing message of the gospel?

16 November – Pudding Praise and…my story
How can I tell my story in a convincing and helpful manner?

23 November – Pudding Praise and…giving answers
How can I answer all the questions I get asked about my faith?

30 November – Pudding, Praise and…12 acts of kindness
How can we show love to those who need it?

7 December – Pudding, Praise and…first steps
How can we help those who have recently turned to Jesus?

14 December – Pudding, Praise and…Christmas
Come and celebrate the awesomeness of God made man