Overseas Missions

Poole Christian Fellowship has an ongoing interest in a number of overseas missionaries and mission activities.

A part of our responsibility is not only to be informed and to pray, but also to give financially. The church puts aside a tithe of all regular giving and this allows us to respond to various needs of which we become aware.

In some cases we need to be careful about how we pass on information. Mission work in a number of countries still remains very sensitive and only general information can be shared.   There are web sites listed below for a number of the mission activities that we are interested in and you will be able to use them to find out more about these particular Christian works if you so wish.

At the heart of mission is the desire to see people of all ages come to know Jesus and then to be equipped to serve Him effectively. So our contacts include church work as well as activities with children in mission schools and street children’s homes. We are also concerned for the persecuted church whether it be in the Middle East or in Nigeria or in China, North Korea or Russia. The BARNABAS Fund specifically reaches out in practical ways to provide for and encourage persecuted Christians in many of these places. Web site for further information www.barnabasfund.org

Some of the other overseas mission interests that we support and pray for on a regular basis are as follows:

Church work

Church work in Turkey, in Crete and one other sensitive part of the world.

Amano Christian School, Zambia

This school was founded in 2004 and at present provides junior and secondary education for 130 pupils. Hilary Millard the junior school head has visited us on several occasions.

Web Site for more information: The UK Amano Trust through www.amanocs.org

Ipusukilo Homes for Street Chidren, Zambia

There are countless street children in the towns of central (Copperbelt towns) Zambia and Kelvin and Joyce Samwata have established three homes where some of these children can be cared for and given an opportunity to make something of their broken lives.

Web site for more information: www.ipusukilo.org

Child of Hope School, Uganda

Child of Hope School was established in a huge slum area known as the Namatala Slum. A complete Junior school building has now been completed (Dec. 2014 ) and educates nearly 400 children. Secondary schooling and job training schemes are on the agenda for the top juniors now leaving. Starting grants are made for parents to set up small enterprises to earn a living. This is a great work and, as in all the work with children in the schools and homes mentioned, in God’s goodness these youngsters will be the next generation of well­educated Christian men and women ready and equipped to take their place in leadership positions in the countries they live in.

Web site for more information: www.childofhopeuganda.org

Dorcas (Wessex) Trust, Manila, Philippines

An orphanage called Potter’s Hand and a center called Kanlungan Farm provide places of refuge and training for many children for whom no one else cares!

Matthew 25 v 27 – 29

Web site for more information: www.dorcastrust.org.uk