David and Pauline Foster – Visit to Zambia

We are looking forward to making a return visit to Zambia, leaving June 24th and returning 16th July on the same flight as Matt. It was not possible to join him last September when he went out but God has clearly opened up the door for us to go now.

It is nine years since our last visit in 2000 for the 75th anniversary of Sakeji School and nearly 15 years since we left the work at the school.

There are a number of new ventures that have commenced during these years and we hope to visit them. There is the Amano Christian school under Hilary Millard as head, the street children work at the Ipusukilo (Salvation) centre under Kelvin and Joyce Samwata and an Aids/HIV centre (called Isubilo meanning Hope). We would also like to revisit Sakeji school and the area close to it where several good friends both Europeran and African still live.

All of this will involve a good deal of travel and distances are considerable. But we have been very encouraged as the Lord has opened up this possibility and already numerous parts of the trip are fitting into place.

It will be ‘part business and part pleasure’! We will take the prayers and blessings of the fellowship – and some gifts that the trustees have already ear-marked for some of these very important activities being carried out in the Lord’s Name. We shall look forward to sharing with the church when we return.

But it will also be so good to see some of the old places and familiar faces that formed such a huge part of our 29 years out there in Zambia.

It will be tiring and we are not quite as young as we used to be so we will value your prayers and especially for Pauline. We don’t want too many responsibilities but already have a school assembly and a family service lined up!

Finally, in addition to the gifts from PCF that the trustees have agreed for the work out there in Zambia, we deeply appreciate the gift of £500 to us on your behalf to help with expenses whilst we are out there travelling around. David does NOT plan a bungee jump!! We will do our utmost to bring Matt safely back to John and Helen and to you all on July 16th DV.

David and Pauline.


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  1. Alice White

    Dear David and Pauline, I am now living in the US at Greenwood Hills Conference grounds. We are trying to get together some information about the past.
    One of the ladies remembered the Inglebys being at Greenwood one summer and playing with the daughter Pauline. I looked up the information in the ‘That the World Might Know” book and found the Inglebys, and that I knew Pauline!
    Would you have any idea as to why and when you were at Greenwood? Nancy remembers you staying in a cabin, and the children not allowed to play by that cabin as your father was writing.


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