Youth Small Group

Many in our youth clubs are Christians or are seeking to learn moimageedit_5_7001148436re about Jesus for themselves. For that we have YSG.

YSG is a Small Group designed for the young people of the church. Designed to explore more about what being a Christian is, what we believe and about telling others.

Up, In, Out

We use a system called Up, In, Out as a  base for our curriculum. We divide the year into terms and focus on either:

Up – We spend the first term looking Up at God. Who is he? What is he like? How is Jesus God?

In – We spend the second term looking at ourselves in relation to that. What does God think about me? What should my relationships look like?

Out – We spend the final term looking at how/why we can tell people about Jesus. The Great commission, Oversees Mission, School Mission

If you’re thinking of coming or want your child to come to this group, Just make sure you are aware that this group if for those who really would like to know more.