One2Ones is a major part of how we disciple the young people at Poole Christian imageedit_19_2676100075Fellowship. The aim is to meet regularly going
through a series which opens up the bible and helps them grow in their relationship with God as well as having a older person within the church that they feel comfortable to talk to.

Many of the young people currently have One2Ones, and it is something we hope to have available to all in YC2 and YSG if they would like it.

All of them will go through Tim Hawkins amazing ‘Growing Young Disciples’ series. This series goes through what a Christian believes, the basics of why we pray etc, Living out their faith, dealing with doubt and finally how to stick it out through thick and thin. The hope is that all who go through this will not only cement what they believe, but also have the tools to live it out for the rest of their lives.

As with the youth team, every leader is DBS checked and will make every effort to have their One2One in as safe a space as possible that is agreed with the parent/guardian.