“Pudding, Praise and …Prophecy” (John MacDiarmid)

Pudding, Praise…and Prophecy

4 October 2017

Five questions to be answered in this session:

• 1. Is Prophecy for today?
• 2. What is Prophecy?
• 3. How does it work?
• 4. Who can Prophesy?
• 5. How can I do it?

Taking them in turn:

1. Is Prophecy for today?

The is a part of the “cessationist” debate. Cessationism is the view that many of the gifts of the Holy Spirit ended at the end of the apostolic age, when the Canon of Scripture was complete.

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“Pudding, Praise and…the Promised Holy Spirit” (John MacDiarmid)

Pudding, Praise and….. the Promised Holy Spirit?

1. The Person of the Holy Spirit

He is God…

– A person, not a thing
– The third person of the Trinity (Matthew 28) *
– Spirit: Pneuma = breath, wind

He is called…

– The Spirit of God (Gen 1 v 1)
– The Spirit (Matthew 4 v 1)
– The Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1 v 21)
– The Spirit of Jesus (Phil 1 v.19)
– The Spirit of Truth (John 15 v 26)
– The Counsellor (John 15 v 26)
– The

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The Intermediate State

Hi everyone,
Following the sermon on Sunday on “the Rich Man and Lazarus” (Luke 16 v 19ff) several have wanted to talk further on the subject of “The Intermediate State” which is a newish concept for a some.
Thanks to those who have made comments – it is always encouraging to know that people are engaging with the content of a sermon.
I recommend real caution when looking at stuff on the internet – there is some real flaky stuff out there! But John

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New Church Administrator

Jess Scupham, joins PCF as Church Administrator. She lives in Bournemouth and is a member of Bournemouth Vineyard Church She will be a member of the staff team that meets and shares on Monday mornings and will be working 15 hours a week based in the church office in Lagland St.

Welcome Jess.

Easter Egg Hunt April 2015

Over 50 children and their friends, parents and carers descended on Poole Park for PCFs annual Easter Egg Hunt.

Photos are on our Facebook Page

Soul Course

Soul Course starts tonight Saturday 28 February