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Young People at Newday 2009 August 2009

A PCF Production brought to you in association with Newday 09, with thanks to New Frontiers.

Producer: Gez Jones; Assistant Producer: Joe Wanklyn; Catering Manager: Helen Mac with a short curly friend; Transport and Props Manager: Duncan Williams; Assistant Producers :  Matt Mac, Dan Miles. Lizzie White appears by kind permission of New Frontiers and the Pink Ladies.

Starring: (in no particular order)  Dan,  Andrew,  Sarah,  Emma, Thomas,  Beth,  Bradley,  Ben,  Goodall, Joe, Tom,  Josh.

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PCF Bar B Que

Thanks to Duncan and Helen for hosting a great evening.

Youth Group – Talent Night

An amazing array of talent was on display at the PCF Youth talent night on 13 July. Simon Cowell has been fully informed and will be in contact with the relevant people!

Poole's Top Comedian


The suave sophisticated host

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Church Picnic – Upton Country Park 28 June 2009


The weather treated us kindly and there was a great time had by all ages at Upton Country Park on Sunday 28th June. There was food, games and great company as the church family enjoyed a day out.

More photos to follow!

The next day out? Same place, same time Sunday 26th July


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From the Amano website: Family Service 28 June 2009



The Amano Revolving Door

There isn’t a revolving door anywhere on the site of Amano School, it just feels that way some times! Take this Sunday, 28th June. The Amano Family Service, held approximately monthly, was held in the Dormitory and we had a special guest speaker, David Foster. David and

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David and Pauline Foster – Visit to Zambia

We are looking forward to making a return visit to Zambia, leaving June 24th and returning 16th July on the same flight as Matt. It was not possible to join him last September when he went out but God has clearly opened up the door for us to go now.

It is nine years since our last visit in 2000 for the 75th anniversary of Sakeji School and nearly 15 years since we left the work at

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New Leadership of Music Group

After many years of successfully running the music group at PCF, Simon and Jane Dodridge are handing over the reins of leadership to Tim Stone and Caleb Green. We will be publicly recognising Tim and Caleb and praying for them on one Sunday morning, but we also need to thank Simon and Jane for their huge contribution to the music over the years.

Happily Simon and Jane will be continuing their involvement in music and you will still

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Introducing the WAG team

We have put together a small team to oversee the development of the PCF website.

The Webmaster is Ben (Mint Sauce) Lamb, also on the team is Caleb (Nurse) Green, Gez (Is it tonight?) Jones, Jen (Guinea Pig) Lamb, Beth (I love my camera!) Rose, John (Rev) MacDiarmid, Linda (practically perfect in every way) Rose, Matt (the Dod) Dodridge.


If anyone has any suggestions for the website, please get in

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Welcome to the Poole Christian Fellowship Blog!

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new PCF blog. On this page will appear news, information about forthcoming events and bulletin items.

There is opportunity for anyone to comment on any blog item and this  will be read and answered by the blog administrator, Linda Rose.

Welcome to the blog. We hope you like it!