“A Good Example from a Shrewd Manager” (Nick May)

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Reference: Luke 16

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  1. margaret king

    i havnt listened to ur sermon but my father was the pastor of a pentecostal church as was my uncle and my cousins i have been brought up to believe and accepted christ as my saviour and lord many years ago but backslid i have had a lot of trials over the last 20 yrs finding out that my ex husband was a paedophile who molested my son and daughter but i always believed god was there and there was a reason for what was happening inthe last few years i
    rededicated my life to christ and truly believed his promises but my daughter who is not perfect but who is a loving fabulous mother has had her children taken away from her by other peoples lies and deceit she has now had her three day old baby removed from her care and this morning before she went to court i sat with her the baby and the babys father who is an atheist and listened to a minister bless my granddaughter and ask god to allow her parents to bring her up in their care i truly believed that god would keep his promise whatsoever ye ask in my name and believe you receive then you will receive but they took her. where do i go from here i believed everything he said telling my mother children brothers and sisters that i know it will be fine cos my heavenly father told me and now i am breaking my heart because ive been lied to and i dont know where to go from here because now if i cant stand on gods promises whathave i got left


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